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Do you hear a grinding noise as you change gear?

If you are having difficulty changing gear, if you are being deafened by a grinding or rattling noise when you do, or your clutch is seeming to slip when you accelerate, it could be time that you brought your vehicle down to us for a clutch replacement.


Sometimes, a quick clutch repair is all that is required, but it might be that you would be better off replacing it altogether. We always thoroughly inspect your vehicle, allowing us to give you an accurate quote for the job. We will always give you honest advice on the work that is required.

3 piece clutch kit

When might you need a new clutch?

• You struggle when changing gear

• You hear a grinding noise when you change gears

• You struggle to accelerate, even when revving the engine

• You lose acceleration when the clutch slips


• Clutch repair

• Clutch replacement

• Clutches removed and fitted

Quality parts used always

When replacing your clutch, we will always replace it with a clutch of the highest quality. We never use cheap, old or faulty parts, and our staff here at Planet Gears will always carry out whatever task they are doing to the best of their abilities, regardless of the vehicle or the size of the job.

cutch kit and release bearing
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